Adjustable Height Table base

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Our Sit- Stand desks are designed to provide users with sit-stand flexibility. Research has shown that sitting too much is not healthy but standing all day while working is also a challenging prospect for many workers. Our height adjustable desks enable a user to effortlessly sit or stand, encouraging healthy movements throughout the day. The digital control panel manages a quiet, fast, tool-free and seamless adjustment with just a touch. The open-architecture design offers optimum knee and easy access below the surface. With a clean, universal aesthetic, the height adjustable desk is easily incorporated into any office or home environment.

  • Quickly and quietly adjust from sitting to standing position in just a few seconds.
  • Superior stability and heavy duty lifting capacity.
  • Available in 3-tier lifting legs.
  • Dual motor system enables a more stable and faster adjustment
  • Anti-Collision system 
  • Three programmable memory presets and sit/stand reminder system
  • Easy assembly
  • 2 Wire Management Basket For Clean Looks 




      Capacity                 Adjustable Width         Adjustable Height            Fits Top Size               

Warranty                   Speed

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      275 LBS             Adjustable Width       Adjustable Height       Fits Top Size                     Frame: 5 years               38 mm/s

                                     43″-71″                23.4″ – 48.5″          23.6″ * 31.5″ D                Motor: 3 years

                                                                                               47.3″ * 78.7″ L